Document Open Processing

Summary: QlikView OnOpen Document triggers fire after the saved opening sheet is calculated. That sheet may have some heavy calculations that slow the user’s opening experience. Maybe you already know this, maybe not. I commonly use a Document OnOpen trigger to make sure that my Document opens on the correct ...
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The Document Analyzer Compare Tool

In my consulting practice, I’m frequently engaged to improve the performance of one or more QlikView applications. In addition to an improved application, I typically deliver a report of measured improvement and what was changed to achieve the improvements. I use the Document Analyzer tool as my tuning workbench. I’ve ...
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Munich Masters Summit

I’m excited to announce our first 2017 Masters Summit for Qlik event in Munich Germany on 5-7 April 2017. Designed for Qlik Developers who have basic skills and experience, the Summit presents three days of intense hands-on sessions in topics such as Advanced Scripting, Data Modeling, Advanced Aggregation and Set ...
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Is Data Beautiful? The Art of Adrien Segel

This past spring I enjoyed a glorious week of whitewater kayaking with Noah Weinstein at the incredible Otterbar Lodge on Northern California’s Salmon river. Noah runs the Artists In Residence program at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco. Autodesk is a long time big QlikView customer and the Pier ...
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QV 12.10 “Can Execute External Programs” is back

In an earlier post I wrote about how to authorize the script Execute statement and the differences between QlikView versions 11 and 12. I’ve just tested the new QlikView v12.10 Initial Release and the rules have changed again. To run an Execute statement in QV12 Desktop requires that “User Preference, ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success