Initial Selections and Current Selections

I’ve posted in the past about setting “dynamic” (based on date) initial selections. The easiest method from the Developer perspective is to apply search expressions, save them in a bookmark, and apply the bookmark as an OnOpen action. The bookmark may also be selected by the user at any time to return to initial selections.

For example, to select the current year and month:


This selects the correct Year and Month. However, the current selections display is poor.  The search expression, rather than results, is displayed in the Current Selections box.

Alternatively, those same dynamic selections can be achieved via Actions assigned to the Document OnOpen Trigger. Using Actions will present a cleaner current selections view. Here are the two Actions we should assign to OnOpen to achieve the same selections — but with a better looking current selections display at the end.

The Current Selections Display will now be much more comprehensible to the user.

Can we provide a way for the user to return to the dynamic initial selections by utilizing a bookmark? Yes we can. Create a new bookmark, assign it an appropriate name (like “Current Period”) and note its ID (for example “BM02” — from the Bookmark, More menu). Add one more action to the OnOpen trigger.

The selection values will be calculated and the bookmark updated with the new values each time the document is opened. 



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  1. What if you would like to select all months up till now? i.e. in March you would have initially selected Jan-Feb-Mar. Can you do that too?

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