Cell Popups in Straight Table

Last week my Masters Summit colleague Kevin McCann showed me a cool technique for generating popups (hover text) in individual cells of a Straight or Pivot Table. This can be useful for providing contextual info like order line detail:

 Or contact info when hovering over a name:

The Dimensions are created as multi-line Calculated Dimensions. Sorting and selections work as expected. If not done correctly, selections will be made in the referenced fields of the popup as well. The trick to avoiding the secondary selections is the use of aggr(). Customer is defined as:

[qlikview type=”exp”]=Customer & chr(10)
& aggr( EmailAddress & chr(10)
& Phone
,Customer )[/qlikview]

A complete example with instructions can be downloaded here: Qlikview Cookbook: Cell Popups In Straight Table



11 thoughts on “Cell Popups in Straight Table”

  1. Very nice. A great way to pack more information into a small space without a complex appearance. It doesn’t have to be in the dimension column, of course. The same expression from the calculated dimension works fine as an expression column.

    Thanks for sharing that idea!

  2. The downloadable example shows using the technique in an expression as well. Same thing, except you generally need to set the Presentation of Text to “Right” to get the expression numbers to look right.

  3. Hi Atjun,
    You can define the Calculated DImensions in the Group definition. Use the “Add Expression” button in the Groups dialog.

  4. Hi Rob,

    This is cool!

    Any way to get this to work with a URL? I have an expression that is a URL – it’s a link to another qlikview application and I want to do a pop-up that provides information about the application.

  5. Hi Rob,
    its very nic.
    but its is working for caluclated dimensions as weell…but in my stright table i hve indicator column…in that it is nt posible to give this mouse over? how to overcome this?


    1. I saw your question over on QlikCommunity. Your indicator is an image representation. No, you cannot mix text and image representation.

  6. Hi, thank you for sharing this tip. I have a problem here..

    In my straight table, all the cell values are already wrapped within 2 lines as I have long names in my table. i.e In Presentation tab, wrap cell text, 2 lines is checked.

    So, when i add Fieldname1& chr(10)&Fieldname2 as a dimension to the table, it is displayed as below in the table cell:


    when i mouse over that cell, it displays the below as pop up message which is as expected:

    My question here is, is there anyway to eliminate the display of ‘…’ indicating that there is more text which is hidden in the cell, when the cell text is wrapped with in 2 lines?

    1. There is no way way I’m aware of to position the tool tip below the pointer. Best you can do is play with the Alignment, width and content of the column to try and avoid the pointer overlaying text.

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