Charts from the 1900 Paris Exhibition

Summary: For the data viz nerds among us, I share my fascination with a groundbreaking data viz project at the 1900 Paris Exhibition. In Tim Harford’s excellent book “The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics” the author mentions a set of infographics produced by W.E.B. Du ...
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Masters Summit for Qlik Cloud

Masters Summit New Qlik Cloud Track! The Masters Summit Team is developing all new courses for 2024. The new content is focused on: Qlik Cloud (perfect for clients who are on or moving to cloud already, or evaluating a migration).New capabilities in the platform, like AutoML, Automation, etc. Before we ...
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Using Attributes in QVD Files

Here’s a fun Friday post. As I was updating my incremental load materials for the upcoming October/November Masters Summit for Qlik, I ran across an old note about creating “Attributes” in QVDs using Tags. Due to a bug in QVD generation I couldn’t implement the idea at the time. But ...
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Guest Speaker for Dublin Masters Summit

I’m pleased to announce that Brian Booden will join us at the October Masters Summit for Qlik in Dublin, Ireland. Brian is a seven (!) time Qlik Luminary / Partner Ambassador, co-host of The Data Mix, and a well known Qlik and Analytics expert. Brian will share some inside tips ...
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Creating Time Groups in Your Data Model

I frequently create Date groups in my Qlik apps to facilitate selections like “Yesterday” or “Last Week”. Some years ago I published a pattern for creating Date groups in the Recipes section of and it’s been a very popular download. I’ve responded to a few requests on Qlik Community ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success