Mind the Concat() sort-weight

Summary: While looking into long expressions I noticed that the optional sort-weight argument has an impact on the distinctness of Concat(distinct…). Incorrect use of sort-weight can generate bloated expressions containing redundant code. In my work tuning Qlik Apps I sometimes encounter very long expressions. An expression many thousands of characters ...
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Outer Sets Bring New Reusability

Summary: I demonstrate how outer sets in Qlik expressions can be used to extend the reusability of Master Measures. The new outer sets feature in Qlik brings new opportunities for Master Measure reuse in Qlik Sense and QlikView. See this post by Henric Cronström for an explanation of the new ...
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The New Qlik Simplified Authoring Mode

Qlik has implemented a new “Simplified Authoring” experience in the SaaS (Cloud) environment. It’s available as an optional preview now and will be implemented for all SaaS tenants in mid-August. I won’t describe the new features as they are well described here. If you haven’t already, I recommend you read ...
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Roll Your Own Qlik “Connector”

Summary: I demonstrate how to use a simple Python REST server to wrap any data source for loading by the Qlik REST connector. In my years of Qlik development I have many times needed to load data from a source not supported by available connectors. Sometimes the data resides on ...
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Masters Summits 2022

We’re baaaack! After a two year break from live events, I’m pleased to announce that the Masters Summit for Qlik starts up again in Fall 2022. Madrid – September 19-21 New Orleans – November 14-16 Our goal in this three day hands on education event is to “Take your Qlik ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success