Alert Questions & Answers

I received several questions regarding my post Monitoring the Reload Schedule. Surprisingly the questions were not about the monitoring solution, but rather using Alerts. I’ll summarize the questions and answers here. Can I loop through field values in an Alert? Not directly. But you can create multiple alerts that use ...
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Monitoring the Reload Schedule

Monitoring successful operation is an important aspect of any IT system.  What kind of monitoring is useful for Qlikview? I’ve found the following monitoring important in a Qlikview Server installation: Notification of individual reload failures. This capability, sending an email on reload failure,  is included in all editions of Qlikview Server ...
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The Now() Trap

The Now() function operates differently in script and charts. This post will highlight one difference that has tripped up even experienced developers. Our example script requirement is to extract rows of data where the “TransactionDatetime” field value is within the last 24 hours. We’ll use the “Now()” function to establish ...
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Use cases for Generic Load

The Qlikview  “Generic Load” is not frequently used and is therefore sometimes forgotten. Generic Load has some interesting applications and can be a useful item in your script toolbag. Generic Load  is the complement of “Crosstable Load”. In a loose sense, you could say that aCrosstable Load creates a Generic table and  Generic Load creates a ...
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Reusing expressions — chart column references

It’s often useful to avoid repeating lengthy expressions. Here’s one technique for reusing expressions. Consider the chart below. The Expression for the column labeled “Net” is: =sum(Quantity * Price) * (1-Discount) Let’s add another column for “Commission”, defined as 10% of Net. Instead of repeating the Net calculation, use the ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success