If() Tips

Summary:  I offer some tips for writing better performing and easier to maintain syntax when using the Qlik If() function.  The Qlik If() function is very powerful and  frequently appears in Qlik Sense and QlikView apps. Expressions using multiple If() functions can easily get out of hand and become difficult to maintain ...
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Deconstructing Visualization Performance

Have you ever had a Qlik Sense Visualization take longer to calculate than you like?  You may have been measuring the response time with QSDA (or the older QVF QS Document Analyzer) ,  Add Sense or a stopwatch. Your chart is likely made up of several expressions — Measures, color expressions, maybe reference ...
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QSDA Pro as a Quality Tool

I my last two posts I introduced QSDA Pro and the flag workflow. In this post I’m going to show how you can use QSDA Pro to quickly uncover quality issues in your Qlik Sense App. QSDA groups flags by category, and the “Quality” category is where I usually begin ...
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QSDA Pro Flags

In my first post introducing QSDA Pro, I told how Document Analyzer was a tool I developed for use in my own consulting work and shared with the community of Qlik developers. The Qlik Sense QVF version got a big boost in utility when Axis Group joined the project and ...
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Introducing QSDA Pro

QSDA Pro is the next generation of my Document Analyzer tool for Qlik Sense. I published the first Document Analyzer for QlikView in 2009 followed by the Qlik Sense version in 2017. I think it’s fair to say both are the most widely used Qlik developer add-on tool. Qlik Sense ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success