Num() — Script vs Chart

Summary: I review a subtle difference between using Num() in the script vs Num() in charts.¬†I make mistakes so you don’t have to ūüôā¬† 2020 marks my 13th year blogging about Qlik.¬† I’m still learning, and still making mistakes!¬† I’ll review a problem I created for myself recently, with the ...
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Chart Search in QlikView?

Summary: I demonstrate how to self-collect qvw metadata in a load script and use the metadata to implement a chart search feature in my qvw. Qlik Sense has that cool chart search feature. Can we have the same in QlikView? Something where we can search for a keyword like “price” ...
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Parsing Non-Standard Signs

Summary: I demonstrate using Num#() and Alt() functions to read numbers with non-standard signs.¬† Download link at bottom of post. When reading from text files, the default Qlik interpretation of numeric sign syntax is as follows: 100:¬† No prefix, positive number +65: “+” prefix, positive number -110: “-” prefix, negative ...
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Making it Touchy

I¬†like my apps to work like dog toys. When I poke them, they should “squeak”.¬† I find myself poking at screens with my mouse or finger wondering “What’s this?”. When I build a QlikView app I try to make it “touchy”.¬† That is, if a curious user pokes at something ...
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qcb-qlik-sse, A General Purpose SSE

In Qlikview we have the ability to add function to the scripting language¬†by writing VbScript in the document module (sometime called the “macro module”).¬† Typical¬†¬†additions included regular expression matching & parsing, Qlik Sense does not have the module feature, but both Sense and QlikView share a similar feature,¬† Server Side ...
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Recipes for Qlikview Success