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QV Document Analyzer

  QV Document Analyzer
Version 3.10, May 6, 2020 - QlikView

This tool is used to analyze the structure of a qvw. The analysis focuses on what fields are used and where. This information can be to used to tune the performance of a Document or investigate the impact of data changes.

This download is packaged as a zip file that includes Document Analyzer, DA Compare Tool and DABatch script.

Changes for version 3.10

  • Fixed hang during extract when QV April 2019 SR2 or SR3.
  • Added check and warning message if “Binary Load Prohibited” is checked on for the target QVW. Binary Load is required during the Reload step. Credit Sunny Talwar.

Changes for version 3.9

  • A prj directory is no longer required to get full analysis. The prj recommendation is removed from the Main sheet.
  • Changed Per User memory calc from Type=Field State to Class=State Space.
  •  Added contribution from Marcel Hug to analyze use of Module Subs and Functions.

Changes for version 3.8

  • Added “///$bnf off” to script to fix script macro error with QV Nov 2017 release.

Changes for version 3.7

  • Add “Qlik Sense Conversion” sheet that aligns with the display of the Qlik Sense QlikView convertor. This can be useful when working with the convertor.
  • Changed Per User memory calc from Class=State Space to Type=Field State.
  • MB has been changed from 1024*1024 to 1000*1000 to align with the auto scaling of Qlik Sense.
  • Corrected error in calculation of pointer size for fields having less than 8 values.
  • For Buttons that don’t have Caption text, the Button label is loaded to the Caption field.
  • Modified Function count to reflect actual count of function, instead of number of expressions.




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