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Filename ScriptRepository_V1.9.qvw
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version 1.9 - QlikView Previous versions
Date added Jul 18, 2016
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This tool builds a searchable repository of QlikView scripts.

Ver 1.9 Update:  Added optional “Search Words” file to search for a list of words during reload.

Ver 1.8 Update: Added a “Version 12 Upgrade Check” sheet to highlight potential QV12 script compatibility issues.

Each QVW file in the Input directory tree is opened and the script and module texts are extracted and written to the output directory. The QVWs are opened with /nodata, so the process runs quickly.

You must respond to any macro or section access login prompts.

After Reload, the extracted script can be searched using the “Script Search” sheet.

You must grant System Access to this QVW.

Follow the instructions on the “Main” sheet to get started.

After searching for “customer”



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