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This tool is used to analyze the structure of a qvw. The analysis focuses on what fields are used and where. This information can be to used to tune the performance of a Document or investigate the impact of data changes.

This download is packaged as a zip file that includes Document Analyzer, DA Compare Tool and DABatch script.

Changes for version 3.9

  • A prj directory is no longer required to get full analysis. The prj recommendation is removed from the Main sheet.
  • Changed Per User memory calc from Type=Field State to Class=State Space.
  •  Added contribution from Marcel Hug to analyze use of Module Subs and Functions.

Changes for version 3.8

  • Added “///$bnf off” to script to fix script macro error with QV Nov 2017 release.

Changes for version 3.7

  • Add “Qlik Sense Conversion” sheet that aligns with the display of the Qlik Sense QlikView convertor. This can be useful when working with the convertor.
  • Changed Per User memory calc from Class=State Space to Type=Field State.
  • MB has been changed from 1024*1024 to 1000*1000 to align with the auto scaling of Qlik Sense.
  • Corrected error in calculation of pointer size for fields having less than 8 values.
  • For Buttons that don’t have Caption text, the Button label is loaded to the Caption field.
  • Modified Function count to reflect actual count of function, instead of number of expressions.




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