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This is the Qlik Sense version of the popular “Document Analyzer” tool that provides insights into your application.  Discover where fields, variables and master items are used, and importantly, what fields are unused.


What visualizations take the longest to calculate?





Update for V1.9.1

  • Connector Fix error loading tables when connecting to Enterprise. No change to QS Document Analyzer.qvf.

Update for V1.9

  •  Connector support for Qlik Sense Feb 2021 release.
  • Changed “MB” constant from 1024*1024 to 1000*1000 to conform with SI standards.
  • “Total Field Bytes” increased to include storage for the state (selections) array.

Update for V1.8

  • QVF updates and improvements from Axis Group.

Update for V1.7.1

  • Connection Edit dialog now requires user to press the “Connect” button to initiate a refresh of the app list. This was done to correct a problem where userids could get suspended for too many incorrect passwords.

Update for V1.7

  • Userid & Password has been added to the connection dialog for connecting to QS Enterprise.
  • Improved error message reporting in the connector dialog.
  • The “Analysis Errors” sheet has been replaced by the “Configuration” sheet. “Configuration” is always visible in the ribbon and will be colored yellow if any analysis error messages are detected.
  • The new Configuration extension may be used to configure analysis settings and run reload.
  • You may now optionally specify the analysis target application in “Configuration” dialog. You must still select a server and default application in the connector.
  • Added counts to most listboxes.
  • Various calculation and editorial corrections.

Update for V1.6

  • New “Missing Objects” summary table on sheet “Extract Log”.
  • New connector fields Objects.ObjectNumOfColumns, Objects.ObjectNumOfRows.
  • Stability improvements in the connector.
  • Descriptions added to most DA Dimensions and Measures. Use “Show Details” on each chart to see documentation of the Dimensions and Measures in the chart.
  • New connector fields Objects.ObjectDescription, MasterDimensions.MasterDimensionDescription, MasterMeasures.MasterMeasureDescription contains the Description field from master items.
  • Connection name is now a script variable to facilitate using varying connection names on server.



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