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Date added Feb 4, 2019
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This is the Qlik Sense version of the popular “Document Analyzer” tool that provides insights into your application.  Discover where fields, variables and master items are used, and importantly, what fields are unused.


What visualizations take the longest to calculate?



Update for V1.5.1

  • Bug fix — correct “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error when missing object.

Update for V1.5

  • Installer allows editing of all install paths.
  • New attribute “FieldComment”.
  • Summary ribbon at top of sheet provides sheet navigation by clicking a cell.
  • Improved error handling in the connector. New KPI “Analysis Errors” on the Summary sheet.
  • Fix issue #4 Connection error when using self-signed certificates.
    Field widths (Symbol width) are no longer estimated. Field sizes are obtained directly from
    the engine
  • Various UI layout changes.

Update for V1.4

  • Installer improvements. The correct directory for Connectors and Apps is automatically detected.
  • New attribute “ObjectIsExtension”. Possible values are:
    • False – not an extension.
    • True – object is an extension but not a widget.
    • Widget – object is a widget.
    • Missing – object is an extension, but extension is not present on server.
  • Master Visualizations, and the Dimensions and Expressions therein, are now extracted and processed.
  • DimensionLabel field added to “Dimensions” table.
  • New table “Bookmarks”. Bookmarks are now extracted and linked to Fields.
  • MB Constant changed from 1000*1000 to 1024*1024. This means these numbers now scaled in MB will have slightly smaller values than previous versions.
  • Calc Time is now displayed in seconds instead of milliseconds.
  • Dimensions and Expressions summary added to Objects sheet.
  • Some analysis of the data model is performed, and the results and recommendations expressed as flag fields. New sheet “Flag Summary” will display an overview of found conditions.
  • Color highlighting of detected problems.

Update for V1.3

  • Add “Expression Table Count” for Variables.
  • Now validating expressions. Added two new attributes, “ExpressionCheckResult” and “MasterMeasureCheckResult”.
  • Support for analyzing applications on Qlik Sense Enterprise. Only NTLM (Windows) auth is currently supported.
  • Collecting expressions used in Title / Subtitle / Footnote.
  • Possible to specify a Bookmark Name that should be applied before Objects are calculated.



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