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Qlik App Performance Tuning — March 29

My Masters Summit for Qlik colleague Oleg Troyansky will be presenting his always valuable “Performance Tuning” course on March 29 as part of our “Masters Summit at Home” online series.

Oleg will do a deep dive into the causes and corrections for Qlik App performance issues. He’ll explain the why of good and bad performance while explaining important Qlik Engine concepts and demonstrating best practices. I highly recommend this course.

Oleg will demonstrate available performance tools including my favorite — QSDA Pro. As part of the class each student will receive a trial license key for QSDA and I’ll be available before and after class to help you get QSDA installed and configured.

Also coming up in the “Masters Summit at Home” series:

Effective Visualizations” with Bill Lay on March 15. Bill will teach you how to effectively “tell the story” using Qlik visualizations in a series of interesting and challenging scenarios. Bill is an engaging and thoughtful presenter. I always come away from Bill’s lectures with fresh ideas and useful tools.

Are you Qlik Integration / API curious? Want to understand the potential of combining the web and the Qlik platform? Join Nick Webster on April 12 for “Qlik Sense Integration“. Nick begins by showcasing Qlik embedded in intriguing and useful ways. He then moves on to teach the basics of web technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript, which you will then use to construct a fully functional, interactive Qlik web application in class. No web programming experience necessary!


Web Dev for Qlik Devs in US & UK March 2019

March 2019 brings our popular boot camp course to both the US and UK. Here’s an opportunity to fast track your Qlik team in using Qlik Sense APIs to create extensions, mashups, portal integrations and custom content pages that leverage data and visualizations from Qlik Sense.

In this four-day hands-on course you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of HTML/Javascript/CSS as they apply to QS Development and how to get started with popular frameworks and libraries including bootstrap and enigma.js.
  • Creating Visualization Extensions.
  • The differences and use cases for the various QS APIs e.g. Capability, Visualization, Engine.
  • Key QS API concepts such as the generic object model.
  • Connecting to the QIX engine to retrieve existing content or generate aggregations (hypercubes) on the fly.
  • Visualizing data using third party libraries.

See the course syllabus here.

Students will come away with example code and completed exercises giving them the confidence to move ahead on their own.

No prior experience with web programming is required as the course will provide an intro to web dev technologies and how they are used in Qlik Sense Web Development.

The US session will be taught by Rob Wunderlich and the UK session by Nick Webster.

Even if you don’t have a specific project in mind, I recommend taking this course to understand the power and potential of the QS APIs.  You’ll be surprised and inspired!

Cost for the four days is $2,600 / £ 2,000 and includes all course materials and lunch each day. Register at

Questions? Reach out to us. See you there!