BOQC: Flexible Interval Classification

Another post in the “Best of QlikCommunity” series.

In this QlikCommunity Forum thread the poster asked about using the class() function to create a dynamic dimension of 30 minute intervals in a chart. He wanted to format the class values as display friendly time ranges.

My solution would have been to use mapping to format the classes to the desired display format. However, this would have been a lot of data entry for 48 intervals in a day.

John Witherspoon posted a more elegant solution utilizing a simple expression.

dual(time(floor(timestamp, 1/48),’h:mm TT’) & ‘ – ‘ &
time(ceil (timestamp, 1/48),’h:mm TT’)

Using John’s example, I was able to extend the idea to easily provide for a user selectable interval size.

Read the thread for details.