Book Review: Qlikview for Developers Cookbook

I just finished the excellent book “Qlikview for Developers Cookbook” by Stephen Redmond, available from Packt Press. The book contains approximately 100 short “how to” examples of Qlikview visualizations, calculations and scripting.

(Note: This book is not related to my “Qlikview Cookbook” available at The books are similar in aim, but Stephen’s is a full print book with entirely new content.)

This is an excellent reference for many QV tasks and a good way to learn no matter your level. I picked up quite a few new tricks. The book organization is good, the examples clear and short. The “How it Works” explanations are gems. Stephen’s experience is broad and he freely shares his advanced knowledge.

I highly recommend this book for all QV developers. You’ll recover the purchase price with one tip!

The book is available in print and e-book. The print version is in black and white, and I found some of the figures hard to understand without color. The e-book uses color and is much easier to follow, so I recommend the e-book.  Interestingly, at this moment, you can get the print and e-book together for less than the cost of the e-book alone. Go figure!

Congratulations to Stephen for an important contribution to the growing library of QV Publications.