Using Alerts to “Send the Numbers”

The Qlikview Document Alert feature is generally thought of as a way to notify users or administrators of exceptional conditions in the loaded data. But it may also be used for regular emailing of non-exception conditions, like daily sales figures. This can be very useful to inform mobile or travelling user of the status of Key Performance Indicators.

The Document Alert feature is part of basic Qlikview. No additional software or license is required. Please note that that Alerts can only send out text email. They cannot send graphical charts or attachments. If you want that  functionality, look to third party addons such as NPrinting.

Alerts are configured in a QVW using the menu item: Tools, Alerts. The Alert Message may contain dynamic (calculated) content in the form of an expression like:

=’Sales YTD:  ‘ & money(sum({<Year={$(=year(max(OrderDate)))}>}OrderAmount))

I won’t go deep into the configuration details here, because I’ve provided a downloadable annotated example at this link:
Qlikview Cookbook: Using Alerts To Send Numbers Via Email 

The example will produce an email after reload that looks like this:

Alerts are a low cost and simple way to expand the reach and value of your QV applications. Users receiving emails do not require a Qlikview license.


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10 thoughts on “Using Alerts to “Send the Numbers””

  1. Hey Rob,

    I am trying to create an alert that is sent out if Profit margin of county x goes below some value y.

    Seems like it should be easy but there is no dimension field like the standard charts would have.

    Any Thoughts?

  2. Thanks Rob,

    I would like the alert to say

    “‘Country Name’ profit has fallen below 1000”

    or something similar to that.

  3. The first expression I gave you was for the alert test.

    If you want your alert Text to include the Country names, you could do something like:

    =’Countries ‘
    & Concat(if(aggr(sum(Profit),Country)<1000, Country),’, ‘)
    & ‘ profit has fallen below 1000’

  4. That was Perfect! Thanks.

    I have one more question, final one.

    I now need an alert if Profit falls below the average profit of the past 7 days.

    i.e. if profit goes below the seven day moving average.

    With country name just as before

  5. Hi Rob,

    This feature if great. But I’m not able to make it work in an automatic way.
    I’ve read every post in community about Document Email Alert on QMC and I can’t find the way to make it work. OnreloadPost and batch option is enable in the document. Server email if working (eg. it’s sends notifications on failed reloads).
    Did you have/had this problem?
    I’m using QV 11.2 SR5 (in server as well as in desktop).

  6. Hi Rob,

    Is there any way when any user opens an application, he gets a pop up if any change is made in the dashboard?


  7. You can use an alert pop-up to indicate changes. But…you have to record the fact of those changes somewhere in your data.

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