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TLDR: Shameless self promotion and extensive use of links.

The Qlik Luminary Program “brings together the best and brightest customers, partners and enthusiasts in the Qlik ecosystem”. Being selected as a Luminary is an honor that acknowledges a significant contribution to the community of Qlik practitioners and customers.

The point of my post today is that all four presenters at the Masters Summit for Qlikview were selected as Qlik Luminaries in 2014.  What are the odds of that! I expect that one of my colleagues or a QlikCommunity member will post the applicable probability expression — written in QlikView syntax of course. Followed up by a gentle refinement by Henric Cronström — who was a special guest at our 2013 London Summit.  At that very  same summit Henric not only took us back in time to a QlikView 0.9 demo but also busted the count distinct myth.

Speaking of the London Summit, Steve Dark, another 2014 Luminary,  contributed valuable experiences during the general sessions and followed up with detailed posts in his blog on questions raised during the summit.

While the 2015 Luminary class has not been officially announced, I expect a least a couple of us will repeat as Luminaries. If we don’t all make it, I’ll chalk that off to a  smaller class rather than anyone slacking off.

Stephen Redmond has announced that he is a member of the 2015 Luminary class.  Stephen certainly deserves the honor, having written several excellent and well regarded books on QilkView. Stephen graced us as the guest speaker in the aforementioned London Summit.

Speaking of Summit memories, I have fond recollections of the Barcelona Summit. I forgot to pack my trademark hat. Frank Buender of Lynxx BV bought me a substitute hat during our evening social time. Frank also posited many challenging and provocative questions to the Masters  and went on to contribute in the private LinkedIn group for Summit attendees.

At each Summit, we have a carefully selected guest speaker.  In Amsterdam, Christof Schwarz of Qlik wowed the audience with his innovative tips and solutions.

I hope to see you at one of the 2015 Masters Summit for Qlikview.  I anticipate we’ll see a number of QlikView Luminaries.  I expect we will push the boundaries of QlikView, and  of course, now Qlik Sense.




2 thoughts on “Qlik Luminary Program”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the mention, and for overstating my contribution to the Masters Summit in London – it was a privilege to be asked along and to meet guys whose work I have respected for a long time. Seeing QlikView running on Windows 3.1 was a highlight!

    The luminary programme is also a great thing to be part of, with a number of luminary events being organised for UK luminaries, providing more opportunities to rub shoulders with the brightest and best in the Qlik sphere.

  2. i was not surprised to see these names – you guys made this community amazing, congratulations and BIG THANKS for all your posts over the years.

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