Bar Chart Viz Tidbits in Version 12

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Summer vacations, Masters Summits in New York and Copenhagen, a Luminary meetup in Lund. Lots of new input for blogging.

I’ve been testing the QV Version 12 Beta and am pleased to see  a few simple but useful enhancements in bar charts.

  •  Multi-line horizontal legends on x-axis. Works in both vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • “Plot Values Inside Segments” now honors scaling/symbols property from the Number pane,
  •  New Presentation option: “Still Show Total on Top” when plotting Values in Segments.

These enhancements allow you to easily create charts like this example, even with values in  thousands or millions.



You will need to create your own line breaks in the dimension. There is no auto wrap yet.  Create a calculated dimension that replaces blanks with the newline char:

=replace(ProductName,' ', chr(10))

Another QV12 plus — those annoying false syntax errors in the expression editor have been cleaned up and the expression editor is my friend again.

I’m looking forward to discovering more new features in QV12 as my testing continues.



13 thoughts on “Bar Chart Viz Tidbits in Version 12”

  1. Nice features!

    Although nitpicking on the data values in bar chart, I would like to be able to apply a different text style (e.g. boldface) to the total value that appears on the top (or right) of the bar. Just to make it clear at a glance that it’s the total, rather than the top segment. With a feature like this I would also be tempted to remove the vertical axis and scale entirely.

  2. Nice suggestion Bill. You can set the Text Format to ‘‘, although I can’t figure out an expression to do that conditionally only for the total.

      1. Dimensionality() or the other detect-the-total tricks I know don’t work to identify that top number as different.

  3. Again, it’s just a nit-picky thing, but I’d very much like to have those numbers aligned at the bottom of each slice, rather than in the middle. You can mess about with dual… but that gets messy really quickly with multiple values.

  4. Hi Rob
    In the past I had an issue with right align of the legend on horizontal layout. Only worked if you had a very basic font. This looks like the issue is resolved? The legend font you are using is aligned and font looks ok

  5. this is great featuere. Last week we were trying to achieve it in SR7 but wrap was not working even we used the same method. Can’t wait to upgrade. 🙂

  6. Hi Rob. The “Still Show Total on Top” is already available in QV11 SR12. Looking forward to accurate syntax errors in the expression editor though.

    1. Good point Willem. The multi-line horizontal legend is also available in SR12. Scaling of “Plot Values Inside Segments” is not available. 2 of 3 features in Sr12, we’ll have to wait for QV12 for the whole solution.

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