QVC Documentation for Qlik Sense

QlikView Components (QVC — should we rename it to “Qlik Components”?) documentation is now available in a Qlik Sense QVF format.   You can download it from github here:

After downloading the “QVC Documentation.qvf” file, you’ll need to copy the file to your Qlik Sense apps folder or drop it on Qlik Sense desktop window to view.

The “Using QVC” sheet provides general instructions for including the QVC library from either the file system or the web.


The “Details” sheet provides descriptions and parameters for all of the QVC routines.



Examples are not yet available in qvf format, as they are in qvw format. I’m working on that.

Have fun using QVC in Qlik Sense. If you have questions or need help in using QVC use the QVC Forum here.  I also teach online classes on QVC if you want a deeper education on the capabilities and applications of QVC.



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