Web Development for Qlik Developers

I just finished the four day “Web Dev for Qlik Dev” course with Nick Webster of Websy.io.  I rate the course Excellent!

The course focus is to equip  Qlik Developers with a basic understanding of how to use Web Technologies with the Qlik Sense APIs.  The week starts with an introduction to web technologies — HTML, CSS & Javascript.  And while I have some older experience as a web developer, I appreciated the brief review of current standards and practices.

We then moved on to using the Capability APIs for visualization in a mashup. We spent the last two days focusing on the lower level Engine API and the associated enabling technologies such as JSON and Enigma.js.

Lot’s of hands on work through well constructed exercises. Nick offered a lot of practical direction and tips.

I highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering or exploring integrating  Qlik Sense content into existing web apps or other mashup forms.



9 thoughts on “Web Development for Qlik Developers”

    1. For tech-cool, understanding the Generic Object model was the coolest to me. For getting-it-done-cool, generating custom viz page using Engine.js to get data and AmCharts to visualize.

  1. Hi Rob,

    any plans to forward that knowledge during some of the commencing Master Summits?

    1. I suppose some of it is bound to leak out 🙂
      We will be expanding the Sense content at the Summit in 2017. Nick Webster and Ralf Becher will be guest speakers at the Munich Summit, and I’ll be showing a bit of the Dev Hub.

  2. Hi Rob

    I’m planning to attend this course.

    I do not have any knowledge on CSS, HTML and JavaScript

    Is it worth to take now or learn some basics of above and then enroll for the class


    1. Nick will take you from zero to knowing, so no previous experience with those topics is necessary. That said, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with those technologies beforehand but it’s not a prerequisite.

      1. Thanks Rob. I will attend Level 1 first take 10 days gap to brush up and then attend Level 2.

        I also requested for virtual classroom.


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