Hiding Mashup Objects

I’m really appreciating the Qlik Sense Mashup facility.  In the simplest case, mashups are when you embed Sense charts in a web page.  Super easy with Sense.

Perhaps you’ve created some charts in your app that exist solely to serve the mashup.  What if  you want to display these charts in the mashup but you don’t want them showing in a sheet when the app is viewed via the hub?

How to make these charts available to the mashup but not appear in the “app”?  Simple.   After creating the chart, make it a Master Visualization and then delete it from the sheet.  The mashup can use the Master Viz Id to reference the object.

If you are using the Dev Hub Mashup editor, note that Master Visualizations appear at the top of the “Sheets and Objects” list, before the first Sheet.











6 thoughts on “Hiding Mashup Objects”

  1. Top tip! Thanks Rob.

    We are seeing more and more people wanting mashups from Sense, including people who had QlikView and had no idea that that functionality was there previously!

    Have you tried this with NPrinting? This would be a great benefit for when you have separate charts specifically for print and dashboard use. I’m going to have to give it a try…

    Congrats on the purchase of QViewer, BTW. Hope to catch up with you next month in London.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Please do let us know if this works with NPrinting. That would be useful to know!

      See you in London in February.

        1. I think Steve’s question was regarding including a Master Viz in NPrinting, not the mashup itself.

      1. Hi,

        Okay, spun up our test server, and sadly NPrinting doesn’t seem to list Master Items, only objects that appear on sheets. It looks like this trick won’t work.

        Definitely one to put on a wish list/snag list. To be honest, with NPrinting it is more likely that you are wanting to bring in a master item from Sense, rather that one that only exists on a sheet (including filters etc. etc.). This will also help with charts without labels, which are currently hard to pick out in NPrinting, as even if the chart does not have a label it will have a Master Item name.

        Thanks for the prompt to try this out Rob.

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