Spring Holiday Recommendations

Summary: This post has nothing to do with Qlik. It’s a reach out to the community I have built over the years soliciting holiday recommendations.

I have a two week holiday break between the Masters Summit for Qlik in Prague 3 April and Qonnections 23 April.

My wife Linda favors warm so we are heading south.

Through my experience with this site and the greater Qlik Community,  I’ve been  blessed to travel and make  friends all over the world.  So now I’m reaching out to that larger community with a question that has nothing to do to with Qlik or BI.

Should we spend two weeks in Southern Spain or one week in Spain and another in Morocco?

I’m expecting to hear from my Portuguese, Greek and other friends as well 😉

Where would you go with those two weeks in April?




10 thoughts on “Spring Holiday Recommendations”

  1. Australia is beautiful at this time of year. But that’s further abroad than you are wanting….

  2. Hi Rob,
    1 week Spain and 1 week Marocco would be a perfect combination. Last year I’ve visited Marocco and it has surprised me positively! Beautiful country and people. I’ve been to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.

    Good luck with your choice!


  3. Would go both weeks in the same country, it be Marocco or Spain. You get more out of the holiday that way then trying to cover multiple territory.

  4. Hi Rob, I’m Daniel Cabello and Work in a Qlik Partner in Valencia, although i were born in Seville. I visited Marruecos a lot of years ago and it’s a good place to visit: Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech, Casablanca… Only the Middle Est situation could be a reason for not visit this country yet. Maybe you can ask your tourism office in USA about this.
    In Spain, is the best time to visit Seville (Semana Santa and/or Feria de Abril) and Cádiz or the south of Portugal (Algarve) if you prefer breath some beach air…
    I hope this can be useful for you.
    With best regards.

  5. Hello Rob,

    I am Brazilian and I accompany you to a time, here is a warmth that can please your wife, come to Brazil.

    Using google translator.

  6. Hello rob,
    I understand that your main options are Spain and Morocco, if you reconsider changing your holiday destination, in Mexico we have plenty of options, all accompanied by a lot of culture and extraordinary food

    1. Hello Edgar,
      I love Mexico. I live in California so I’m lucky to get to travel to Mexico often. For this trip my work schedule will keep me in Europe so Mexico next time!

  7. I would recommend Dubronik(Croatia) and/or Kotor(Montenegro).
    Brilliant weather, clear seas, more quiet and great seafood., with plenty of tourism/activities to do.

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