Chart Search in QlikView?

Summary: I demonstrate how to self-collect qvw metadata in a load script and use the metadata to implement a chart search feature in my qvw.

Qlik Sense has that cool chart search feature. Can we have the same in QlikView? Something where we can search for a keyword like “price” and see all the charts that have “price” in the title and on selection go directly to that chart?  Maybe searching chart Dimensions and Expressions as well?

In this downloadable example qvw, I’ve included script on the last tab to read xml metadata from the current qvw and build a table of chart titles linked to associated sheets.  When a title is selected, an Action (Document Properties, Triggers) assigned to the field  will go to the associated sheet.

Download the example and check out the script.  In the script you’ll notice some configuration options to include Dimensions and Expressions in the search.  They are set off in the example but feel free to play.

You’ll also notice in the script some code for mapping  container objects to sheets. Unfortunately, the xml metadata does not contain this mapping so it has to been added if you want it.  Objects outside containers can be mapped automatically.

For me this was a “just for fun” exercise, no one asked for it (although I thought I saw something on Qlik Community…).  Let me know if you make a useful implementation of it or if you improve the process.





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  1. Cool, maybe read meta from all qvws and store it in db, spin up a mashup and let the user see all graphs from all apps (single object).

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