QSDA Pro 1.7 is Released, What’s New?

QSDA Pro 1.7 is Released. So What’s New?

The QLIKLOGIN connection method allows your QSDA users to connect to Qlik Sense using the same login process they use for the Hub — Windows, SAML, whatever. After logging in, user “Sally” will see only her apps — the same list Sally would see in the Qlik Sense Hub.

The “Filter using this flag” button filters all your resources to everything associated with this flag, giving you fast focus on what needs to be examined or remediated.

Hyperlinks in resource lists provide one click to open the subject Viz in the Qlik Sense sheet editor.

Still my favorite QSDA feature, Viz Deconstruction itemizes the calculation time of each individual expression in a chart so you can focus in on what the heck is taking so long in this chart.

Stuff Administrators Will Love

  • Password protect Admin pages
  • Offline license keys for air gapped servers
  • Possible to install QSDA without Windows Admin rights
  • Https support
  • Optional API security

What Can QSDA Pro Do For Your Team?

  • Expose undetected errors — before your users do!
  • Gives actionable advice
  • insight and focus for developing and debugging
  • Save time on tasks like “how/where are we using field ‘abc’?”

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