Masters Summit for Qlik Cloud

Masters Summit New Qlik Cloud Track!

The Masters Summit Team is developing all new courses for 2024. The new content is focused on:

  • Qlik Cloud (perfect for clients who are on or moving to cloud already, or evaluating a migration).
  • New capabilities in the platform, like AutoML, Automation, etc.

Before we get too far down the road, we want your input to gauge interest.

We are opening pre-registration for our 2024 conferences:

Vienna, Austria – October 02-04 Pre-register for Vienna now

Philadelphia, USA – November 04-06 Pre-register for Philadelphia now

If you or one of colleagues would be interested in attending one of these Summits, and believe you can get approval for the expense we would ask you to kindly pre-register now.

We will not be taking any payment at this time and you should not make any travel arrangements.

Why pre-register?

If you pre-register on or before January 15, 2024, you can attend the event for a specially-discounted price of $1800 (that’s a 25% discount off our usual early-bird price)

This is your opportunity to help shape the future of Masters Summit events and attend with a deeply-discounted price. If we determine enough of you are interested in returning, based on pre-registration, we will move forward with our 2024 plans

See the new Sessions below.

Managing your tenant

  • Setting up development and promotion flows
  • Approaches for managing data.
  • Monitoring your tenant

Migrating to Qlik cloud

  • Planning your migration
  • Common pitfalls
  • Available tools, and how to use them.

Performance Tuning and Capacity Management

  • Best practices for performance and data scalability with the Qlik capacity licensing in mind.
  • Review opportunities in data modelling and visualizations to improve performance.
  • Review available tools for monitoring performance.

Real-world AutoML Applications

  • Understand machine learning predictive models and what business problems they can tackle.
  • Profiling data for ML, basic statistics, feature engineering, avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Evaluating and explaining your models using AutoML results
  • Deploying and monitoring your model

Enterprise Reporting

  • Building reports from exiting sheets or objects
  • Output presentation quality reports in various formats including annotations.
  •  Automating the distribution of reports to a variety of delivery channels.
  • Review existing report connector blocks.
  • Discover the self-serve options for subscription and alert-based reporting.

Qlik Automations

  • Automating Analytics Operations and Automation
  • Dynamic Actions and Business Process Integration
  • Going beyond: Qlik-CLI and the Qlik APIs

Qlik Cloud Integration

  • Understand what APIs are available, the necessary skill sets required to develop with them and how to correctly structure your project architecture.
  • See the art of the possible with a mix of real-world solutions and innovative demos.
  • Discover useful tools to help speed up development and reduce costs.
  • Get tips and tricks for the dark art of authorization and authentication in both client and server implementations.

We hope to see you in 2024.

Sincerely, The Masters Summit Team.


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