My Layout Wish List for

Here are a few items I hope show up as layout features in

1. Grouped objects. Yes, we are still waiting for this one. While Containers are great, they do not satisfy the requirement.

2. Automatic zooming and scaling in the Ajax client. I’d like to see content scale to fit the horizontal page, as a typical html page does. This should include left/right object alignment attributes to keep things organized.

3. Ability to specify object sizes with percentages as well as pixels. For example, I’d like to specify that a chart should size to 70% of the screen or Container.

4. Flexible markup in Text Objects that would allow me to mix different font sizes and colors, as well as hyperlinks. Ideally this would be something simple like html.

5. Enhanced chart pop-ups to include mixed fonts (see #4) and sub-charts (micro charts).

6. Help!
a. Help Text Property at the Sheet level.
b. Flexible markup (see #4) in Help Text.
c. Allow the Help “?” icon to be positioned in the chart, eliminating the requirement to show caption.
d. A new Action “Show All Help” which would pop-up all the object help on the active sheet.



3 thoughts on “My Layout Wish List for”

  1. Totally agree Rob. Specially the zooming and scalling in Ajax… is so annoying.

    thanks for your fantastic blog and for sharing your knowledge (i love cookbook).

  2. Hi Rob,

    Support your whist list.
    Please add the need for a “label on” like function a assign the default column caption in a listbox and other objects.

    Thank you for your splendit QlikView contibutions you share with us.

    Regards Daan Koster

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