My Script Wishlist for

Here are a few items I hope show up as script and development features in

1. Script scoped variables. I use a lot of variables in script and it’s a hassle to have to delete them at the end of the script before they get promoted to the UI. I’d like to have a variable type that gets automatically dropped at script end. Perhaps by naming pattern like:
  SET ScriptOnlyVariablePrefix=’_’;

2. Function blocks in script. Not variables with parameters, but blocks that can execute multiple script statements and return a single result.

3. Allow the CALL statement (and other control statements) to span multiple lines. 

4. Regular Expression test and match functions. 

– A few more that are not script, but development related:

5. A chart function to read Field and Table Comments. 

6. Menu command to open the script logfile. 

7. Support cases remain open until a bug fix is delivered — not closed when a bug id is assigned. 



2 thoughts on “My Script Wishlist for”

  1. Thanks Rob. Very good points.

    My thoughts:

    Point 1: I use lot of variables while scripting and I don’t them in UI. I generally drop the variable by using “;” sign.

    Something like this…

    SET vMyScriptVariable =;

    I’m 100% sure you are aware of this but just in case.


  2. Thanks for your comment Deepak.

    The SET var=; syntax will delete a variable only if it does not exist in the UI. A problem occurs when if you fail to delete the script variable, it gets promoted to the UI where it can no longer be deleted using Set Var=;

    This problem also arises when you exit a scrip early.


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