Masters Summit for Qlikview

I’m excited to be a featured presenter at the upcoming Masters Summit for Qlikview in Las Vegas, April 16-18. The event promises three days packed with hands-on ¬†presentations covering advanced Qlikview techniques that will ¬†accelerate and streamline development and management of your Qlikview deployment.

I’m pleased to be working with such a top-notch group of presenters. I’ll be presenting Advanced Scripting and will be showing some tricks I’ve never shared in public before. Bill Lay is an engaging presenter who never fails to teach me something new and useful every time I hear him speak. Barry Harmsen has again demonstrated his mastery of QV with the recent publication of “Qlikview 11 For Developers” (Packt publishing). Oleg Troyansky is legendary in the Qlikview Community and one of the earliest adopters and promoters of Qlikview in the US.

I hope you can join us April 16. More information and registration can be found at the Summit website. 



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