QViewer – The Time Saving QVD Viewer

The QViewer utilility has quickly become one of my favorite can’t-live-without Qlikview development tools. QViewer is a fast viewer for QVD files. Written by Dmitry Gudkov, it’s available for download from http://easyqlik.com/. A free version, limited to 10,000 rows, and an unlimited paid version are available.

In addition to browsing QVD data, information on field values, simple queries, and metadata such as QVD source(s) are available. Double click a QVD and it opens in a second!

One of the interesting uses of QViewer is to examine the contents of a table mid-script, as blogged by Dmitry here . I’ve added a routine in the latest version (6.1) of Qlikview Components (QVC) to make this idea even simpler.

  CALL Qvc.InspectTable(‘mytable’)
will save “mytable” to a temp QVD and open it in QViewer.

I’ll be showcasing a number of ways that QVC can facilitate script development and debugging at the Masters Summit for Qlikview April 16-18.



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