Book Review: Qlikview 11 for Developers

I’m pleased to have just finished reading “Qlikview 11 for Developers” by Miguel Garcia and Barry Harmsen (Packt Publishing). This book covers a complete set of Qlikview development topics using a realistic sample application. The code and sample data are available for download and all materials work with Qlikview Personal edition.

The book is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Even as a highly experienced practitioner, I learned quite a bit from my read.

The authors do an excellent job of developing a sample application that covers most of the data modeling and analysis challenges you are likely to encounter in real world development. Following the tradition of the best programming guides, the application scenario is relevant and used consistently throughout.

In addition to covering the basics everyone needs to get started, the book gives a good treatment of advanced topics such as set analysis and aggr(). I was pleased to see use of real world advanced techniques such as storing point in time expressions in variables.

I was also impressed with the editorial layout of the book which I found very effective and easy to read. Good clean layout (like a great dashboard), good use of tips, the right amount of pictures and examples.

This is the book the QV Community has been waiting for!




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  1. Rob,

    It’s always enjoyable to read a positive review of our book, but even more so when it’s written by an expert such as yourself.

    Besides Packt, the book is also available through various online book stores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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