QlikView Components Doubles Down

Version 10 of the QlikView Components scripting library added a number of new subroutines and functions when  Matt Fryer  merged his QVACB library into QVC.

Check out some of the Excel-like functions Matt has added;  NVL, DateDiff, InRange, Days360.  Also new workhorse routines like segmenting QVDs, emptying QVDs and loading Icons.

Along with Matt’s code, we also get Matt on the QVC team ! Matt brings fresh ideas and significant technical talent to the QVC project. You  may recognize Matt as author of the QV syntax plugins for Notepad++, UltraEdit and WordPress.  I’m pleased to welcome Matt as co-administrator and contributor to the QVC project.

The free open source QlikView Components (QVC) library can decrease the time you spend on scripting, improve the quality of your script. and let you share and leverage the experience of QV developers worldwide. If you have questions about QVC, use the QVC Forum here.



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