Please Help With Function Survey

I was recently working with a customer developing training curriculum and the question was asked “what expression functions do ¬†developers use most”. I thought it was a question worth getting a specific answer to. So I’m creating a community project to gather data on what QV functions and features people use.

Please help out by downloading this QVW and following the instructions in the file to scan ¬†your installation’s QVWs. You only need to configure a file path and press reload. The scanner will gather anonymous information and produce a QVD that should be emailed to me per the instructions in the file.

  • The scanner runs fast — about 60 QVWs per minute or better.
  • The survey QVD contains only counts of function usage — such as how many time sum() is used.
  • No private information is included in the survey QVD that you return to me. There are no qvw names, no userids, no expressions no fieldnames or data.
  • I will make the collected data freely available to the community for analysis.
  • I prefer that you run against your production or QA, just to eliminate the extra copies and backups that appear in a dev environment. If you can’t scan production, please go for the cleanest directories possible.

Why should you take the time to help me on this?

1. You may gain some insights from the data.

2. I help you out with free tools like Document Analyzer, QVPR Analysis and the QlikViewCookbook. Time to return the favor.

Thanks in advance!





8 thoughts on “Please Help With Function Survey”

  1. All of my expressions are on external resource files, and used within dollar-sign expansion in the QVW’s. Will the scanner consider those as well?

  2. No, the scanner will not pick up function use within variables. That’s an oversight on my part that I will correct. Thanks for identifying it.

  3. I am new to Qlikview, I dont find online much help on Qlikview. Pleae advise the website where I can get good examples in Qlikview.

  4. Are we suppose to scan only front-end QVWs or we should include the QVWs used for loading?

    Some of our QVWs for loading are using Include and *.qvs scripts. Are they scanned with the tool?

    Note that if one uses QlikView Deployment Framework, there will be many identical system *.qvs script files. This will distort the results.

    1. This scanner only collects from sheet object expressions, it does not process script. The use of qvs files is therefore a non-issue.

      To obtain useful info on average sheets and objects, it’s best to only include the front end qvws and exclude the loaders.

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