QVPR Analysis Tool Adds Task Visualization

Ralf Becher has created a nice Icon Graph extension and used it to visualize Reload task structure within my QVPR Analysis tool. I’ve integrated Ralf’s script into V2 of QVPR Analysis and all you need to do is download and install the Icon Graph extension from https://github.com/ralfbecher/QlikView_Extension_IconGraph.  Links are also provided in the QVPR Analysis qvw.  Select some Tasks or Documents and you’ll get a visualization like the following.

Ralf Becher has done some really interesting work with Graphs and Neo4J. Ralf is presenting a session (T56) at Qonnections on Wednesday afternoon if you want to learn more about using Graph models and visualizations in Qlik.




3 thoughts on “QVPR Analysis Tool Adds Task Visualization”

  1. Hello
    is there a guide on how to install “extension” objects?
    There’s some stuff on the Qlik community but it seems a bit sketchy.
    Any pointers much appreciated

  2. I don’t know where the “official” guide on installing is, although I’m pretty certain such doc exists.

    Installing in the QV Desktop is pretty easy.
    1) Download the .qar file.
    2) Double-click the file, it will install itself.

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