QlikView to Qlik Sense Convertor

Are you migrating QlikView Apps to Qlik Sense?  Have you tried the new QlikView Convertor tool in QS 3.2? 

The QV Convertor tool is available from the Dev Hub in QS 3.2+.  It’s a pretty slick tool that converts QV Variables, Dimensions and Expressions to Master items and converts QV charts to Master QS Visualizations.  It does not attempt to replicate the sheets,  but expects you to place the visualizations on sheets yourself as required.

It’s a very useful tool with a good UI that allows for filtering and limiting what gets converted.

At the Atlanta Qlik Dev Group meeting on July 13 I’ll be demonstrating the tool and presenting some tips and considerations for doing conversions.   They’ve given me two hours (!) to speak so I’ll be covering several other topics as well.



7 thoughts on “QlikView to Qlik Sense Convertor”

  1. Realistically, how much time would it take to get confident with Qlik Sense if migrating from Qlik View? If I download Qlik Sense onto my desktop – will it interfere with QlikView? Will a license from QlikView transfer to Qlik Sense?


    1. If you are competent with QV, you can get up to speed with QS visualizations fairly quickly — like in a day. Most of the learning curve will be in understanding the differences in the products – master items, variable behavior, sheet layout, what you can and cannot replicate.

      You can install QS desktop and it will not interfere with your QV installation. I encourage you to give it a spin.

      Licenses only come into play when you use the Server QS Enterprise. Qlik has allowed some conversion/transfer of QV CALs to to QS Tokens. Contact your Qlik rep or reseller to find out the current status of that program.

  2. Can’t make it to Atlanta but would love to hear of your experiences with the converter tool. Will material be available after the event?

  3. It looks good, effective, awesome… but let’s think about it.
    How many characteristics are in an QlikView object? It is impossible to convert objects since they have very different nature. A bar chart is very different from one to the other.
    For the script is good, but… do I really need another tool for that? I can just copy and paste.
    For the variables. Let’s create an input table with all the variables to export, right click and they go to excel. Then we can read them in the script.
    Can you show us a video?

  4. Hi Rob,

    We are thinking on converting to Sense and would love to hear about what you presented on. Would you be able to share this?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Hannah
      I think my presentation is s bit out of date now. But I’ll see if I can find it see if there is any currently relevant content ,

      1. Hi Hannah,
        I can’t find the presentation, but like I said, it’s out of date by now.

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