QV12 REM Logging Change

Summary: QV12 no longer prints the REM statement to the Document Log.

In QV11 “//” and “/*” comments do not appear in the Document Log, but “REM” comments do appear in the log.  I found REM useful to provide some documentation in my logfile or record which branch was taken in an IF-THEN-ELSE.

QV12 has changed the logging of REM.  The REM statement will now appear in the log obfuscated as a series of asterisks  For example, the statement

REM  Beginning of weekly load;

will appear in the log as

2017-05-18 14:24:34 0005 *** *** ******

My understanding is that the change was made to support security standards, as someone could REM a CONNECT string or other sensitive data thereby exposing it in the log.

To provide log documentation, use the TRACE statement instead.  I don’t find TRACE as pretty as REM because TRACE generates double lines, but it will do the job.

I maintain a collection of upgrade notes for QV12 that you can download here to assist in your planning.  Please do read all the Qlik doc — release notes and help site — as well.




5 thoughts on “QV12 REM Logging Change”

  1. Hi Rob,
    Regarding item 12 in your list. You could mention that with the parameter LocalScriptLogging, you can get back the old functionallity.
    Thanks for a good blog.

  2. Hi Rob,

    One of my observation is, in QV 11 I have the option of schedule Daily and further choose certain week days whereas, in QV12, I can choose only up to Daily but no option of selecting weekdays. Qlik support mentioned this option is not in QV server but if you couple the publisher you will get.

  3. Hi Rob.

    Regarding consideration 3
    The quarantine period for a named CAL is increased from 24 hours to 7 days (QV12.10)

    It applies for named and document CAL

    It wasnt in the initial release notes.
    Now it states:

    CAL quarantine period change clarification
    The changed quarantine period from 24 hours to 7 days introduced in 12.10 IR applies both to named
    CALs and Document CALs

  4. Regarding script logging I would very much enjoy to have the possibility turn logging off and on with a script command.

    Script log tends to become very long and if many subs are used in the script, it is not necessary to log every sub statement again and again.


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