Document Analyzer Batch Analysis

I’ve received several requests to provide a batch interface to the popular QV Document Analyzer tool that will provide for analyzing multiple QVWs with a single command.  It’s now available in the QV Document Analyzer bundle available for download here.

The script is a windows cmd file.  The usage from the command line is:

DaBatch.cmd somedir
 where “somedir” is a directory of QVWs to be analyzed.   Each QVW in the directory will be processed by Document Analyzer and the results will be saved for later review.
Before running, there are a number of configuration variables in DABatch.cmd you will want to review and modify as necessary.


REM *** Path to QV.exe executable ***

SET qvDir=C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe

This is location of the QV Desktop executable. The provided value is the default location for most users and is typically appropriate as-is.

REM *** Path to DocumentAnalyzer.qvw. Note that v3.6 or later is required! ***

SET DaPath=DocumentAnalyzer_V3.6.qvw
Where is the Document Analyzer.qvw to be found?  Note that DA V3.6 or later is required by DABatch.


REM *** Directory to store DocumentAnalyzerResults QVDs and QVWs. Will be created if it doesn't exist *** SET DaResultsDir=C:\temp\MyDaResults
Specify the directory where analysis results will be saved.  If this directory does not exist, it will be created.


REM *** Should the analyzer results be stored in a QVD (YES/NO)? ***
SET SaveResultsInQVD=YES
Do you want to save the DA results in a QVD for later analysis by the DaCompareTool.qvw?  The default of “YES” is usually appropriate here.   QVD result files include a timestamp so you will always get new files for each run. Change to “NO” if you don’t want result QVDs.


REM *** Should the analyzer results be stored in a QVW (YES/NO)? ***

SET SaveResultsInQVW=YES
If “YES”, a DA QVW will be saved for each analysis and named “DocumentAnalyzer_your_qvwname.qvw”.  If a file exists with this name, it will be overwritten. If you don’t want individual DA QVWs, change this variable to “NO”.


After launching DABatch, you will receive one prompt:
Analysis Title? <ENTER> for 'Baseline'
The prompt is requesting a title to be assigned to the Result QVDs that will be consumed by DaCompareTool.  To accept the default of “Baseline”,  press <Enter>.  Otherwise type a new value and press <Enter>.

If you have set “SET SaveResultsInQVD=NO” as a configuration option, the title value is irrelevant.  (Perhaps I should not prompt in that case; next version?).

While the script is running Document Analyzer windows will be launched for each QVW and progress message displayed.  It’s best to keep your hands off the keyboard to get proper timings.  Good time to get that coffee.

When execution is complete you’ll see a summary message.
Batch Analysis complete. 3 QVWs analyzed.


You can now review each”DocumentAnalyzer_your_qvwname.qvw” file or load the result QVDs into DaCompareTool.qvw for comparative analysis.


Please let me know in the comments section if you can think of enhancements that support your use case for DA batch analysis.



15 thoughts on “Document Analyzer Batch Analysis”

    1. Hi Rob,

      I am keeping CMD file and QVWs in the same directory but when i run the script it is not generating any QVDS in folder which we have created.

      Bala Sairam

      1. I’ll work on debugging this. In the meantime does it work if you place the DABatch.cmd and the DocumentAnalyzer.qvw one directory above the qvw directory?

  1. Hi Rob,
    Can I use QMC to schedule the executions and pass all necessary parameters via QMC as variables?

    I think this will be useful for the latest version to analysing multiple qvw overnight.

  2. Hi,

    I have saved file as DABatch.txt and renamed itto DABatch.cmd….now how will i execute this…should i directly open DABatch.cmd or from powershel we have to call this path?

  3. Hi Rob,

    Using for a group of QVW files but when DA try to open the QVWs, it generates the Qlik error msg.: “Failed to Open Document”.

    For an single QWV, not batch mode, the DA app works fine.

    I’m using DA v3.9


      1. Hi Rob,

        Found the issue, the original Batch file came with a doc name of DocumentAnalyzer_V3.6.qvw and I’m using v3.9, I replaced it and it worked. My Bad!

        Last question, I thought this batch process it was going to be automated but for each app analyzed by DA, I have to run the Extract Metadata, close the DA and Qlik so the batch can continue. Is this normal ?

  4. Hi Rob,

    Found the issue, my original batch version had the flag batch mode set to false “vvBatchMode=0” change it to true “vvBatchMode=1” and now is working fine.

    Thanks for everything

  5. hi Rob,

    I want to use the data from document analyzer or its qvd to create another dashboard as an asset catalog. while trying to use QVD the joins/associations are not proper.

    1. Are you referring to the DocumentAnalyzerResults_*.qvd? That QVD is stored as a “flattened” datamodel. To convert it back to a full datamodel, see the script in DaCompareTool.qvw. You might find it easier to just Binary Load the DocumentAnalyzer.qvw file.

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