Install QS Document Analyzer on Server

Some people wish to run QS Document Analyzer (QSDA) on the Qlik Sense Enterprise server rather than Qlik Sense Desktop.  While the current installer only supports desktop, you can manually install to the server.

QSDA installs three components; a connector, an application (qvf) and an extension.

Install the latest QSDA on a desktop machine to unpack the components.  You don’t even need QS Desktop installed.  Take note of the folders where the components were installed.

Using the QMC,  upload the qvf application to the server.  Zip up the qsda-ribbon extension folder and upload as an extension through the QMC.

Copy the QsAppMetadataConnector folder from the install folder to this folder on the server:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data

If you are running a multi-node cluster, the connector must be installed on the central and rim nodes.

That’s it!



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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Rob. I’ll add two points to hopefully save people from a few potential roadblocks:

    – The destination directory (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data) should be the regular Program Files folder, *not* Program Files (x86)
    – If you have set alternate connector root folders in the QMC service cluster settings, that does not affect these instructions. As far as I can tell, those settings are getting ignored:

  2. Thanks Rob and Michael. I now having a working Document Analyzer on server. Solution was as suggested to copy the install folder to the noted path on C: on EVERY node in the cluster. It is a bit annoying that Sense is ignoring the QMC folder settings ! For a large app I also amended the config timeout to over 10 minutes.

  3. This is helpful thanks. I followed these steps and, within the data load editor, in my list of data connections on the right, I still see a message “Unknown connection type: QsAppMetadataConnector.exe”

    I’ve got the QsAppMetadataConnector in all the right places.
    Any ideas?

  4. Hi Rob, I am having the same issue “Unknown connection type: QsAppMetadataConnector.exe”

    I installed the QsAppMetadataConnector to the central and the web nodes at

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data

  5. Looks like there is a hierarchy of custom data folder which it looks into. I renamed the Custom Data folder under Qlik Tech at below location and then the connector is appearing. We do not use Qlikview so now issue is resolved.

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik Tech\Custom Data

  6. For connecting to server do we need to change it to Enterprise and put the server URL? Sorry it might be a basic question but I still don’t seem to be able to get it working on server. I copied the connector and imported the qvf. Any suggestions?

    1. If you want to analyze an application that lives on the server, then you must select “Enterprise” and put in the server URL, regardless of where DA is installed.

  7. Selected Enterprise and put the server details as below

    Getting error “Cannot connect to Qlik Sense. No such host is known”

    I have installed DA on server, opening the QVF from hub and trying to edit the appmetadata connection

  8. Thanks Rob. I removed the https and now it gives error message
    The remote server returned an error:(401) Unauthorized

    1. The connector supports only Windows authentication. Is your virtual proxy configured for Windows auth?

  9. Hi Rob, yes our Virtual Proxy is configured for Windows auth. From envt perspective, we have 1 central node and 2 web nodes in case that make any difference.

  10. Hi Rob,
    I get an error also while editing the appmeta connection to fetch the app list.
    GeneralCommunicationException with communication error WebsocketConnectionNotAccepted and http error code 500.

    The connector uses the default virtual proxy right?

      1. no Luck Rob.
        I have in the QMC->Central proxy(default)->Authentication->No anonymous user, ticket and Windows.

        Are there any settings in QMC I need to check to make the connector work?

        1. No special QMC settings required. You might find a useful message in the proxy log on the server.

    1. I suggest looking at any messages logged at the time of your failure. There might be something that provides some explanation for your problem.

  11. I Rob,can you help me? I’ve same problems descrived over.
    Appmeta : unknown connection type
    During the Reload app,i’ve the error: LIB CONNECT TO ‘appmeta’
    Error: Connector connect error: Invalid custom connector –
    Used QVConnect: C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Engine\QvConnect64.EXE
    any ideas?
    thanks in advance

    1. Frank, my question is: When you open the script editor in QS Document Analyzer, can you edit the appmeta connection and select an app?

  12. Hi Frank,yes,i can edit the appmeta connection,i can select an app and save changes. Then,when i try to reload data,i receive the error: “connection appmeta non found”
    if it’s possible,i can send you the error screenshot.
    Wait for your reply,thanks!

    1. Hi Rob,yes,i can edit the appmeta connection,i can select an app and save changes. Then,when i try to reload data,i receive the error: “connection appmeta non found”
      if it’s possible,i can send you the error screenshot.
      Wait for your reply,thanks!

      1. I’m guessing the connection name is different in your app when you imported it — something like appmeta (uid). Check the connection name and either rename it or change the connect script statement to match. If that doesn’t fix it you can send screenshots to

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