Install QS Document Analyzer on Server

Some people wish to run QS Document Analyzer (QSDA) on the Qlik Sense Enterprise server rather than Qlik Sense Desktop.  While the current installer only supports desktop, you can manually install to the server.

QSDA installs three components; a connector, an application (qvf) and an extension.

Install the latest QSDA on a desktop machine to unpack the components.  You don’t even need QS Desktop installed.  Take note of the folders where the components were installed.

Using the QMC,  upload the qvf application to the server.  Zip up the qsda-ribbon extension folder and upload as an extension through the QMC.

Copy the QsAppMetadataConnector folder from the install folder to this folder on the server:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data

If you are running a multi-node cluster, the connector must be installed on the central and rim nodes.

That’s it!



2 thoughts on “Install QS Document Analyzer on Server”

  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Rob. I’ll add two points to hopefully save people from a few potential roadblocks:

    – The destination directory (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data) should be the regular Program Files folder, *not* Program Files (x86)
    – If you have set alternate connector root folders in the QMC service cluster settings, that does not affect these instructions. As far as I can tell, those settings are getting ignored:

  2. Thanks Rob and Michael. I now having a working Document Analyzer on server. Solution was as suggested to copy the install folder to the noted path on C: on EVERY node in the cluster. It is a bit annoying that Sense is ignoring the QMC folder settings ! For a large app I also amended the config timeout to over 10 minutes.

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