Load Master Items in Script?

At the Masters Summit for Qlik, I always try to show something new and cool.  At past events I’ve shown things like Alexa selections in Qlik Sense and the new Document Analyzer for Qlik Sense.

So what do I have lined up for the upcoming Amsterdam and Washington DC events?

In QlikView we use variables in a similar way to Master Measures in Qlik Sense. That is, as a single version of a chart expression.  In QlikView, we typically use script to load variables from an external source to facilitate reuse and portability.

Qlik Sense does not have the ability to create Master Measures using script. But wouldn’t that be useful if it could…

I’ve been working on “loading Master Measures in script”  and believe I have a working solution.  I’ll be demonstrating at the Summit!

I hope you can join us at the upcoming summit. Our goal at this three day  hands on education event is to “Take your Qlik skills to the next level”  to make you more productive and increase the business value of your QlikView or Qlik Sense applications.

More information and registration here.




7 thoughts on “Load Master Items in Script?”

  1. I was trying to get it working but never had enough spare time to focus on solution which could utilise all out of the box Qlik Sense functionalities and APIs only.
    I am glad you came up with some smart idea as it proves that it can be done!
    Any plans to arrive with Master Summit to APAC countries so I could attend?

    cheers and regards

    1. We would love to do the Summit in APAC some day, especially Sydney. Nothing specific yet, but we’ll keep looking at it. I will publish my script solution for all after the upcoming summit.

  2. Hello Rob,

    Do you know when you will share your solution ? I am eager to know how you did it. I have been struggling with an automatic way to load Master items to the application .
    The only solution that I came up with was to develop an extension where by using data island and engine API I can create/delete Master Items by pressing a button.

    Thank you,

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