QViewer Version 4 is Here

QViewer, the ubiquitous QVD file viewer,  has received a major update. In addition to the fast and beautiful QVD viewing and filtering you are used to, V4 introduces “Folder View”. Folder View allows you to work with folders and subfolders of QVDs, viewing details and opening QVDs from the list.

Here’s what the new Folder View looks like:


You have a rich set of options for filtering, sorting and launching actions like viewing or compare.  Want to identify the differences between two QVDs?  Take a look at the  compare function:

This short video gives an overview of some of the Folder View features and capabilities.

Download QViewer V4 here.

And of course you still have fast viewing and filtering within a QVD in the File View:


QViewer is free to use with limits — 100k rows per QVD and 50 QVDs per Folder.  Purchase a low cost license to remove the limits and support my work.

Want to explore all the features of QViewer? Visit the help site.

If you have any feedback or enhancement suggestions., visit the EasyQlik Community site.

Happy Viewing!



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