QViewer Acquisition

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve acquired the excellent QViewer tool from Dmitry Gudkov effective January 1.  I’ll be marketing, developing and supporting QViewer going forward.

QViewer has a stellar reputation as a must have tool for Qlik Developers.  I’m pleased to be taking over such a fine product.

This acquisition is one step in my plan to focus more on software development during 2018.  Stay tuned for other announcements during the year.

Existing licensed QViewer customers should email future support requests to support@panalyticsinc.com.

Happy New Year!



16 thoughts on “QViewer Acquisition”

  1. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I’m looking forward to continuing to support Qlik Devs!

  2. Hi Rob,
    That is excellent news! I saw Dmitry was selling up, and was fearful for what that may mean for the product (as I also use it near daily). Now I know that it is in excellent hands.
    All the best with it.

  3. Hi Rob, I am fan of QViewer and also a licensed customer. I hope you will introduce nice new features in the coming months soon.
    Sajid Mahmood

  4. We are extremely happy to see the QViewer in such capable hands to continue its evolution!

    Thank you Rob!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Ingo. Appreciate all your support over the years. I plan to continue working to deserve it!

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