QS Document Analyzer 1.3 Supports Server Apps

I just released the V1.3 update to Qlik Sense Document Analyzer.  Two significant features in this release:

  • The ability to analyze applications on the Enterprise Server.  You still install and execute QS Document analyzer on the Desktop,  but you don’t need to move the application to the Desktop.
  • The option to specify a Bookmark that should be applied before calculating objects.  This is particularly useful when an object has a calculation condition.

Another interesting update is that we are now validating all expressions and will flag any expression that has a syntax error.

You can download the latest version from the tools section of this site.

Thanks to Axis Group for their input on this release.  I’m looking forward to an ongoing collaboration.

You can report any issues with QS Document Analyzer in the issue tracker here.


2 thoughts on “QS Document Analyzer 1.3 Supports Server Apps”

  1. i have a QVW of about 1 giga (10giga when opend in memory)
    i run document analyzer on this QVW on a mchine wit h128GB RAM, the tool starts and is not able to finish the “Extract meta data stage”
    it uses almost all ram memory available (128GB) and eventualy windows failes it with a msg stating not enough memory
    any ideas?

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