Qlik Sense Document Analyzer v1.4

Version 1.4 of the Qlik Sense Document Analyzer (QSDA) tool is now available for download here.

If you are not familiar with QSDA, it’s a free application profiling tool for Qlik Sense that can help you identify items such as unused fields, poorly performing expressions and data model problems.

I’m pleased that Mike Steedle of Axis Group has joined me as co-developer of QSDA.   Mike contributes his many years of experience in profiling and tuning Qlik applications.


Here’s what’s new in version 1.4:

  1. Installer improvements. The correct directory for Connectors and Apps is automatically detected.
  2. New attribute “ObjectIsExtension”. Possible values are:
    • False – not an extension.
    • True – object is an extension but not a widget.
    • Widget – object is a widget.
    • Missing – object is an extension, but extension is not present on server.
  3. Unused Master Visualizations, and the Dimensions and Expressions therein, are now extracted and processed.
  4. DimensionLabel field added to “Dimensions” table.
  5. New table “Bookmarks”. Bookmarks are now extracted and linked to Fields.
  6. MB Constant changed from 1000*1000 to 1024*1024. This means these numbers now scaled in MB will have slightly smaller values than previous versions.
  7. Calc Time is now displayed in seconds instead of milliseconds.
  8. Dimensions and Expressions summary added to Objects sheet.
  9. Some analysis of the data model is performed, and the results and recommendations expressed as flag fields. New sheet “Flag Summary” will display an overview of found conditions.
  10. Color highlighting of detected problems.
  11. Reorganization of sheets and sheet layouts.
  12. Addition of a “Glossary” sheet provides descriptions for flags.

The installer currently only supports installation on Qlik Sense Desktop, although you can  analyze applications on Enterprise Server.

Improving the server analysis capabilities and possibly a server install will be a focus of the next update.

If you have general usage questions on QSDA, please use the comments section here or Qlik Community.

If you have a bug to report, use the issue tracker.

I hope you find QSDA useful.  I’m excited to see it maturting and pleased to have the help from Axis Group.





17 thoughts on “Qlik Sense Document Analyzer v1.4”

  1. Thank you very much Rob (and Axis Group) for the continuous evolution of this important tool!

  2. Hello,

    Does this tool recognize whether a field is used in the set analysis of an expression?

    Best Regards,

    Miika Hakala

  3. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this, Rob, and thank you for your hard work on the connector and the QVF. I’m looking forward to seeing what additional insights we can get from the new metadata you have added to the connector in 1.4!

  4. Hi Rob,

    I am running into an issue while attempting to install. Can you please help? I’m trying to install to my C: drive.
    This is the error message I’m receiving:
    “Z:\Documents\Qlik\Sense\QS Document Analyzer V1.4.qvf
    An error occurred while trying to create a file in the destination directory: Error 3 The system cannot find the path specified.”

    1. The installer seems to think your Qlik apps are on the Z drive. Do you get the dialog during install that lets you set the path?

      1. No, I’m not presented with that option. Once I run the executable the only option is to install. No path selection option is available.

        1. The installer is determining — incorrectly it seems — that your Qlik Sense apps are on the Z: drive. The 1.5 update which will be available soon will allow editing of all install paths.

  5. Hi Rob,
    thank you for your valueable contribution. The Document Analyzer helps us a lot to identify weak spots.

    Unfortunately I can’t connect to Qlik Enterprise and the following message appears in app list field:

    -Cannot connect to Qlik Sense
    -Connection failed after 4 attempts. Error message: Der angegebene Host ist unbekannt*

    *Unknown Host

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Maybe any settings in the QMC are necessary?

    1. I tried to enter another host, but after that I get the following error message:

      “The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure”

    2. Hi Gregor,
      Only NTLM (windows passthrough) authentication is currently supported. Is your server expecting something other than NTLM auth?

  6. I am using QlikView version 12.20.21000.0
    Using Document analyzer 3.9 , I have extracted metadata, there are no dimensions and expressions extracted, though there are many in my QVW file.

    Can you please clarify this?

  7. Yes I followed the right process.
    I encountered this problem, only when my QVW file is on a Network Drive. Anyhow, when I moved my file to a local machine, it is working as expected.

    This is an amazing tool !!!

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